Spiritual Detox

I am a hereditary psychic, meaning that I have a gift which has been passed down through generations of my family, unusually the gift I have comes from both my Mother and Father's side. I am clairvoyant and an empath, meaning I can literally feel how others feel physically and emotionally even if they are miles away! This is wonderful when a client wants to know how someone feels about them. 

The psychic readings I offer will offer you guidance through whatever difficulties you are facing in life. I receive clear visions which give you in depth insight and I make solid predictions for your future. I have worked on very high-profile telephone lines internationally, in a famous New Age shop in the English town of Brighton, and have personal clients world-wide. You can read client feedback on the testimonials page. I read with integrity and am very trusted to deliver more than your average psychic.

A 10 minute session is great for times when you need fast insight, 20 minutes allows a more in depth look at one life area, 30 two life areas, 40 minutes 3 life areas and 1 hour sessions give a complete in-depth overview. Select your reading from the options below. I offer a free consultation by telephone or skype. Please email me via the contact form on this website or call me on 07702 302 169. Elisabeth Ann.

10 Minute Reading

£ 11 

20 Minute Reading

£ 20 

30 Minute Reading

£ 29 

40 Minute Reading

£ 37 

60 Minute Reading

£ 49 


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